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Cable TV, streaming services, video games … Today’s cinema industry is competing with an endless array of entertainment options for the audience’s attention. Only by offering exceptional experiences can theaters persuade people to leave their homes and forget the world for a few hours. The bad news? Before you can do so, you need to face three major challenges. The good news? You can solve all three today by switching from lamp to laser projection. 

do more with less

captivate your audience 

going green is becoming a must

Do you feel that your resources are often devoted to dealing with day-to-day pressures instead of innovation? And, how do you know if you should invest in new reclining seats or a new audio system?

In a time of always-on mobile media and entertainment, cinemas are competing for audience time with streaming and mobile device and laptops. How do you convince people to visit your theater, and how do you keep them coming back?

Theaters traditionally use large amounts of energy. Over the past few years, cinemas around the world are making great strides toward going green to solve key commercial, operational and ethical issues.  

Laser as a Service lets us benefit from reduced operational costs with no more lamps and significant energy savings.

We understand the importance of providing the best quality for our guests. Cinionic is the perfect laser projection technology partner to ensure that our vision is fulfilled.

Generating the most lumens is no longer the sole decisive argument. On the contrary, power consumption and ecological footprint are the new kids on the block.

Mark Anderson, director of Omniplex Cinemas about the Irish cinemachain's switch to laser cinema projection.

Adon Quinn, general manager at Muvi Cinemas about the company’s ambition to illuminate all of its 250 screens in Saudi Arabia with Barco laser projectors. 

Tom Bert, senior product manager at Barco in a white paper on ‘green’ cinema

why laser technology is taking cinema by storm

What makes laser different from lamp technology, and why are so many exhibitors making the switch? The answers lie in the way cinema laser projection improves movie experiences while lowering the total cost of ownership compared to lamps. 




40,000 hours

1,000 hours

Laser light sources provide up to 40,000 hours of operation and require very little maintenance. Because they are more energy efficient, laser projectors don’t suffer from heat damage. This results in a significantly longer projector lifetime.

The average lifetime of a projector lamp is 1,000 hours, after which it needs to be replaced. The heat of the lamp, as well as regular replacement, impact the total lifespan of the projector.  

light source lifetime



operating costs

movie experience



high with flexible options


low maintenance

high maintenance

consistent high quality

reduces over time

Laser light sources are highly energy efficient and don't need to be replaced

High power consumption is needed to achieve required brightness and provide sufficient cooling. Replacement lamps have a large ecological footprint.

Flexible options are available e.g. upgrading your current equipment including pay-per-use models like Laser as a Service.

Learn more about Laser as a Service

There are no flexible options available.  Lamp storage, more staff training and high maintenance cause higher investments.

Laser light sources don’t need to be replaced and require little maintenance, saving both labor costs and storage space. Additionally, laser light sources also reduce air-conditioning and ventilation costs.

Regular maintenance and lamp replacements are required, as well as extra storage space and skilled employees.

Unparalleled brightness and contrast levels with zero flicker. Image quality remains consistent over the projector’s lifespan.

Image quality diminishes over time due to the drop-off in brightness after x amount of hours (depending on the projector).









discover what happens if we were to replace every lamp-based projector in Europe with its equivalent laser-illuminated version

switching to laser: fast and easy

Afraid that switching to laser is too expensive or too much of a hassle? It absolutely isn’t!

With Laser as a Service, you can propel your cinema business into the era of laser projection without worries and at your own pace.  Certified technicians switch the light sources of your projectors with laser light sources, connect you to our cloud services, and you’re good to go.

 Quick, easy, and completely flexible (even when it comes to financing!).

So, why not consider ‘the silence of the lamps’?  

Looking for a new cinema projector?

discover why Omniplex Cinemas chose to upgrade its lamp-based projectors to laser

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